Give a Happy Ending To a Sad Story



We can't plan for rescues like this one and when animals are suffering we have to act immediately. That is why we are asking you to make a donation today. 




I'd like to tell you about some homeless animals that we recently rescued... 


When the phone rang here at Raystede last month it was the start of what was a very sad story. It was the story of Bamber the Shetland pony, Bayley the alpaca and two cats called Bella and Jada. The call was from a gentleman who had kindly stepped in to feed these four when their elderly owner was taken into hospital, seriously ill.


Sadly the owner has since passed away and knowing that he couldn’t give the animals the care they needed, the neighbour asked if we could help. As soon as we heard about them we knew that it was our duty to give all four animals a better life. What we couldn’t do when we saw Bamber, Bayley, Bella and Jada was stop to worry about the cost.


Bamber is a lively 30-year-old Shetland pony who had been with his owner all his life and had clearly been much loved. With your help we’ll carefully integrate him into our little herd of Shetland ponies. The lush fields of Raystede and the companionship he’ll enjoy here will make this the perfect place for Bamber to peacefully live out the rest of his days.


Your gift of £15 would contribute towards a winter rug for Bamber the Shetland pony 


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I’ve barely mentioned Bayley the alpaca yet! We already care for four alpacas that were unwanted, abandoned or outlived their owners and our expertise means we’ll be able to introduce Bayley into the herd. With careful management as they are separated, both Bamber and Bayley will be much happier with their own kind.


Your gift of £5 buys Bayley the alpaca a bale of hay to eat




Then there is Bella and Jada, the two cats who were also rescued. Bella was suffering with a chronic flea problem and severe hair loss. Jada was very nervous and anxious. Both cats are now settling in at the centre cattery. 


Your gift of £10 will feed Bella and Jada for a week


Did you know it costs over £6000 a day to look after all our animals here at Raystede? That's why as a small local charity we really need your help with this urgent appeal to raise money for the care of Bamber, Bayley, Bella and Jada. Of course we would love for you to come and visit Bamber, Bayley, Bella and Jada to see how happy they are here. 



Thank you for your support! 


Hannah Fielding
Hannah Fielding - Equine Manager 

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