Application to adopt a Small Animal

Adoption Fees

  • Mouse, Gerbil, Hamster - £5
  • Rat - £10
  • Chinchilla - £25

(Average daily cost of care for all small animals at Raystede is in excess of £300)

Application Form

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Keeping in touch

It really helps Raystede to keep you informed about our exciting work, activities and fundraising. If you would prefer not to hear from us, please tick this box.

Small animals

Small animals enjoy the company of their own kind. Therefore, we endeavour to home in pairs or groups.

Please note that we take particular care to ensure that where there are children under 7yrs, we will try to find the right match.

We expect you to take full responsibility for the welfare of your small animal and this includes regular health checks and visits to the vet when necessary.

Our staff will be happy to give guidance on cage sizes. Our Small Animal House has been designed to show how each animal can be kept in a home environment.

Raystede seeks to re-home all the small animals that come into its care. We try to match each animal to a suitable home, where it will be well cared for and happy for the rest of its life. Whilst every effort will be made to give you full and detailed information regarding the animal of your choice, we cannot guarantee it will be absolutely accurate.

Thank you for your application

Please do let us know if you obtain a small animal from elsewhere or change your mind so that we can cancel your application. Thank you.

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