I wish my child to be allowed to take part in this event, and agree to his/her participating in the activities.  I have ensured that my child understands that it is important to his/her safety and for the safety of the group that any rules and instructions given by staff are obeyed.  I also agree to compensate Raystede or any third party for any loss, injury or damage caused by my child’s actions.

While Raystede staff and helpers in charge of the group will take all reasonable care of the young people, I understand that they cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury suffered by my child arising out of the event unless they arise out of the negligent act of Raystede staff.

In the event of illness or accident I authorise the registered Raystede leader to sign on my behalf any written form of consent required by the hospital authorities if the delay to obtain my own signature is considered inadvisable by the doctor or surgeon concerned.

I acknowledge that the Raystede staff reserve the right, for whatever reason, to ask me to collect my child at any time throughout the event.

I hereby consent to The Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare taking and using photographs of my child/ren for educational/publicity purposes.

I am a UK taxpayer and would like all my donations to be Gift Aid until I notify you otherwise.

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