Raystede takes into its care and re-homes over 1000 animals every year, with dedicated and experienced staff we can help them to find a new home and a new start.    


Think you may need to re-home your pet?

If you are thinking about finding a new home for your pet it is a good idea to speak to someone for advice initially. There are many reasons why an animal’s behaviour may change and an adjustment in their care, routine or training can have positive results. You may wish to consider getting some advice and guidance from an approved behaviourist or vet. However, we understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances mean you are unable to continue to care for your pet and that the most difficult decision has to be made.

If you need to rehome your pet, please contact us as soon as the decision is made. We regularly have a waiting list of pets needing to be placed with us and we are not always able to help straight away.

The first step

Please complete the attached ‘Surrender request form’ and email it to or telephone our Rehoming Team. We will take some details about your pet, discuss your need to surrender and advise you about our rehoming process. Please be completely
honest when telling us about your pet and their behaviour. Sometimes we will not be able to accept a pet into our care but we may be able to offer advice on what other options you can explore.

Surrendering your pet

Once we have agreed to accept your pet and we have a space available, we will book you an appointment with our Rehoming Team to complete our paperwork and tell us about your pet. The more detail you can give us the better to ensure we find the most suitable new home. We would like to receive copies of your pet’s vaccination card and a health history from your vet. We also encourage you bring along some of your pets personal belongings to help them settle.

Our commitment

We are committed to giving all animals at Raystede the best possible standards of care and welfare that we are able to, our animal care staff are experienced teams who are dedicated to the pets in their care. Even after an animal leaves us for its new home, we are always around to support the new owner, however far down the line, and we can be contacted for advice and guidance at any stage in the pets lifetime.      

If you need to surrender your pet, please contact our Rehoming Team via completing the attached form or telephone 01825 880468 (8.30am to 4pm, seven days a week).


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