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Gray Hooper Holt Solicitors LLP is proud to sponsor Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare dog kennels, helping to provide vital funds to support the centre’s work and ensure the best possible care for unwanted and abandoned dogs.

Gray Hooper Holt has a longstanding relationship with Raystede after falling in love with Molly. Raystede found Molly wandering the streets of Brighton and took care of her until her until she found her new owners.

Now a member of the Gray Hooper Holt team, Molly spends her time sniffing around the office and sleeping under desks, the much loved guard dog of the legal profession!

Gray Hooper Holt would like to honour the years of love they have received from Molly by sponsoring Raystede in order to help other dogs receive the same bright futures as Molly has.RobertGray

Gray Hooper Holt Solicitors is based in Redhill and offer expertise in property, family law, probate, dispute resolution, personal injury, employment, motoring offences and fare evasion.

Contact Gray Hooper Holt Solicitors at:

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Raystede use Podio. Thanks to Podio we keep work simple. 

At work

Working in partnership with Raystede can bring genuine and lasting benefits to your Company.

We hold bespoke Helping Hands Days here for employees at all levels to volunteer their time, have a great day out and make a real difference.

Make us your chosen Charity of the Year we can help you enthuse your staff and raise your profile in our local community.

Or you could donate Gifts in Kind such as office equipment, fundraising prizes or your skills and expertise.

There are many tax effective ways to donate such as company donations or payroll giving.

For more information on any of the above or for support, ideas and advise please contact Tracey Harris, Fundraising Manager on 01825 840747 or

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    Working in partnership with Raystede can bring genuine and lasting benefits to your Company.

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