Donate in Memory

You can make a donation to Raystede in memory of a friend or relative. By donating to a cause they believed in, you will be doing something really worthwhile to celebrate their life.

Below, you will find information on ways to donate in memory of a loved one, how your donation can help and ways of commemorating your loved one at Raystede.

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Ways to donate in memory of a loved one

Funeral collections

Many people make a donation to Raystede in memory of a loved one, often in lieu of funeral flowers or from a funeral collection. To request donation envelopes, email or call 01825 840747. If possible, please ask all donors to complete a separate envelope, this way we can claim back gift aid at no extra cost to you.

Challenge events

You could take part in one of our events and run in memory of a friend or relative. It's a wonderful way to remember your loved one with friends and family cheering you on to the finish line. Please ask for minimum sponsorship requirements and entry fees.

Tribute Fund

We have teamed up with Everyday Hero so that you can create an online Tribute Fund in memory of your loved one with donations going straight to the animals of Raystede.

You can write a personal message, add your favourite photographs and invite family and friends to donate.

Create your Tribute Fund

How your donation can help

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At Raystede we are passionate about the wellbeing of all animals and are committed to giving them the best possible life.  We rescue, rehome and provide sanctuary for more than 1500 animals each year. 

Here’s just some examples of how your gift could help:
• £10 could purchase a bag of dry rabbit or guinea pig food to keep our small furry animals happy and healthy
• £20 could buy 4 bales of hay to feed our herd of horses, ponies and donkeys
• £30 could pay for a course of antibiotics to help treat a sick dog on arrival at Raystede
• £50 could buy 3 trays of cat food for our cats and kittens

Ways to commemorate your loved one


Book of Remembrance

Donation of £50 or more

• A dedication certificate will be mounted in the Book of Remembrance and will include a personalised message of up to 40 words in memory of your loved one.

Donation of £75 or more

• As well as the above, you will receive a copy of the dedication certificate for yourself to keep.

N.B. You will need to make an appointment to view the Books of Remembrance with Niall Mason (details below).

Memorial Benches

You can dedicate a bench at Raystede in memory of your loved one.

Wooden bench – contribution of £700 or more


• Refurbished or new bench
• Brass plaque engraved as you wish
• Maintenance for 3 years
N.B. Raystede can not guarantee that the bench will remain in one place; however it will remain on site.

Memorial Trees

Tree - Contribution of £500 or more

• Brass plaque engraved as you wish
• Maintenance for 3 years

  •  Your contribution includes the benefits above plus a donation to Raystede. As a charity dependent on public support, Raystede relies on donations to help to continue its work.

Contact details

If you have any queries about donating to Raystede in memory of a loved one please contact the Fundraising Team on 01825 840747, via email at or write to:

Legacy Officer, Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare, The Broyle, Ringmer, East Sussex, BN8 5AJ

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