Animal Care Student Placement

Each year we offer students the ability to give animals a better life at Raystede through work experience placement whilst completing an Animal Care qualification or University Degree.


What we offer...

We offer students the ability to work alongside our experienced team in each of our varied animal sections.

NVQ students are offered a 20 week placement of 4 week blocks that offers experience in each animal section. Veterinary students can apply for 1 or 2 week block placements working in at least 2 of our animal sections and as an observer in our onsite surgery.

If you need to gain work experience prior to a Veterinary Degree application, please apply to become a volunteer in one of our animal sections or speak to our team.

Who can apply?

Students must be aged 16 or over and be registered on an Animal Care course at college or University .

How many spaces do we offer?

We offer 4 placements each year for NVQ students and 5 University student blocks.

When can you apply?

Applications for 2016/17 are now open.


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