Charity Bungee Jump for Raystede

Would you like to push the bounds of reality whilst raising vital funds for the animals of Raystede at the same time? 

Bungee1Raystede will be holding a charity bungee jump on Saturday 19th July and you could be part of this exciting event! 

We will be working in partnership with Extreme Sensations Bungee Club who have been bungee jumping in the UK for over twenty two years.  With an impeccable safety record you know that you will be in safe hands for your sensational jump!

The jump is from a height of 160 feet so you will get a spectacular view of Raystede and the surrounding countryside and then you will experience the challenge and thrill of a lifetime whilst raising money for the animals in our care.

Registration is £10 in advance and we ask that each jumper raises at least £100 in sponsorship for Raystede. 





Health/Age Restrictions

How old do you have to be to do a bungee Jump?

Under 14’s are not able to jump. 14 to 16 year olds require a parent or guardians permission and signature

I have an injury or illness can I still jump?

If you are not in good health you should NOT jump.

We are not medically trained professionals so we cannot comment on individual cases so we always recommend you consult your doctor if you have any concerns about your health.

I'm over 50, can I still jump?

Yes, however over 50’s are required to have a doctor’s note stating that there is nothing in their medical history that could cause problems by doing a jump. This is to comply with our insurance regulations, please bring this note with you on the day. Failure to do so means that you will not be able to jump.

Safety Information

Are you insured?

Yes, we are fully insured and our insurance document is always available to see at our events. If you have any specific questions please contact us.

Is your equipment tested?

Yes - all our equipment is independently tested and all certificates are available to view on site.

What qualifications do your crew have?

All our instructors and senior site staff have received rigorous training and sat written and practical exams. All crew training and work experience is logged.

Do you use a back up harness?

Yes - this is an essential part of bungee jumping, you should always jump with a back up harness with two separate connections. Extreme Sensations Bungee Club use ankle harnesses with a back up waist harness both with separate connection points to the jump station.

How do I know it’s safe?

As with any activity, there are risks involved in participating but we try to minimize these as much as possible. 

On the day of the jump you will go through a process where five separate people will check you individually on a one on one basis before you will be allowed to jump. Throughout the process our crew will explain what it is they are doing, please don't hesitate to speak to them or to speak to the site controller if you have any questions or need any further instruction. 

 What is the BERSA (British Elastic Rope Sports Association) Code?

The BERSA Code of Safe Practice outlines the requirements and guidelines for the safe conduct of Bungee Jumping in the UK.

It was compiled and produced over a 14 month period in full consultation with the UK Health and Safety Executive, their safety advisers and other Bungee Jumpers.

Extreme Sensations Bungee Club conducts all its operations in accordance with The BERSA Code


Extreme Sensations Bungee Club has been involved in the development of bungee jumping for more than twenty years, originally in New Zealand in 1989 and then setting up one of the first UK Bungee Clubs in 1990 operating all over the UK and Europe.


Extreme Sensations Bungee Club has a 100% safety record with more than 22 years experience. The Company operates in accordance with the B.E.R.S.A code of safe practice. Extreme Sensations Director and Senior technician held two seats on the safety and training committee of B.E.R.S.A and has been directly involved in the development of safe codes of practice and development of equipment for commercial bungee jumping here in the UK and Europe since 1990.


The first fundamental safety principle in the code of safe practice is redundancy, this means that every component in the Bungee Jump system has a main connection or load bearing point and is backed up by the installation of second similar component in parallel with the first. If the first fails the second component takes over and danger is averted.


We always have a safety factor x3 the maximum peak loading on any part or our system, screwgate steel carabiners with captive eyes used to connect the jumper to the bungee cord is rated at 4500 kg, Each jumper is connected to at least two of these, one loaded to the main connection and one as a redundant as 'back up'.

The principal of redundancy or 'back up' is also carried out in our checking procedures. Our qualified staff have six rigorous checks that are undertaken by different operatives at various stages of the harnessing procedure. Members of Extreme Sensations Bungee Jump Crew will explain each process at every stage to ensure you are comfortable and ready to get the maximum out of your adrenalin experience.


The second fundamental safety principle of the B.E.R.S.A code of practice is Competence. The principle of Competence requires that safety-related equipment satisfies the minimum standards which ensure capability both for normal use and for all anticipated extreme conditions.

Extremes Sensations have a highly trained Bungee Jumping Team. All members of the operative team have been trained in accordance with the B.E.R.S.A code of safe practice. All training is relevant to tasks on Bungee Jumping sites. All members of our Bungee Jumping team are highly motivated to make sure your get the very best from your experience. All staff are also very keen Bungee Jumpers.


Extreme Sensations has developed its own unique 'Bungee Cord System'. Extreme Sensations use the New Zealand Style Latex Bungee Jumping Cords which give each individual Bungee Jumper a comfortable Jump stretching over four times their original length; providing exhilarating rebounds!! Each cord is re tailored for different weights.

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