Our aviaries

MacawOur aviary section looks after a marvellous range of animals. Alongside hundreds of birds we also have areas for reptiles, including snakes, tortoises and terrapins and a special hospital for bird and wildlife casualties.

Our birds include exotics such as macaws, parakeets, cockatoos and love birds to domestic fowl such as ducks, geese and chickens. Wild birds such as Canada geese, wild ducks, moorhens and the occasional heron fly into our wild fowl lake area which we call the Sanctuary.

We have an African Colony aviary, with a collection of African species, along with one or two non-native species who happen to fit in well! Our other large aviary contains parakeets and a large flock of cockatiels.

A permanent home

For many of our birds, Raystede will be their permanent home. Many have psychological problems and health concerns due to lack of knowledge about their needs. For some, an elderly owner may have died, leaving them homeless. For others they may have been discarded because of their behaviour.

We offer our birds modern and spacious aviaries, with a good diet and company. When we have no room, we can advise on other solutions.

Our parrots

Parrots are long lived, sensitive, complex and sociable birds. They find adjusting to a new home extremely stressful. We offer them companionship when they need it, a stimulating environment, and a good quality diet with nutritious grains, pulses, sprouted seeds, fruit and vegetables.

Wally's diary 


Wally the pigeon is a full-time resident of the wildlife hospital. She kindly keeps a diary on the comings and goings of the hospital, occasionally aided by the aviary staff.

Wally's diary can be found at;

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