Welcome to our kitten diary 2014.


Kitten season has started early this year due to the long summer last year. In fact you could say it never ended as we have seen a few kittens in over the winter.




Destiny was signed in to us on the 12th of December as a pregnant queen.  We were lucky enough to place them with our fantastic fosterers Jill and John who have helped us many times taking pregnant queens in to foster and caring for them until the kittens become of re-homing age.







Destiny and her kittens (image to the right) have now all been re-homed.






Ying Yang and TashYytash


They had been found in a wood pile and looked after for a while before they came in. They were lovely characters to have around and were lucky enough to be homed together once they reached 9 weeks.






Sooty was signed over to us in January as an un-spayed female who then turned out to be pregnant. She is a lovely friendly girl and gave birth to 3 lovely kittens at the end of February. She is currently in foster with one of the Raystede staff and will be back when the kittens are near weaning age so we can find them all loving new homes.




Missy was one of three cats dumped by the roadside. Luckily they were found by a lovely lady who took them in to care for them.  Missy and Bandit were then brought into us for re-homing which is when we discovered that Missy was pregnant. She has also been out in a foster home, and safely delivered 4 tiny kittens a couple of weeks ago. Mum and kittens are all doing well and we look forward to seeing them when they come back for re-homing.

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