At Raystede we currently have 10 donkeys. Most of them are old or have some form of injury or illness and are here to spend the rest of their days receiving the best possible care and attention. All the equines live outside year round, with access to shelters if required, to enable them to live as natural a lifestyle as possible.

Donkeys have a very strong sense of survival, which often deems them stubborn. Being very sociable animals, they should be kept in pairs or herds and not alone. They generally live up to an age of 30+ years and are not waterproof, they therefore require adequate shelter all year round to protect them from the elements.

Donkeys love to be groomed and we do this on a daily basis. Donkeys hooves grow very fast, these need to be trimmed by a farrier every 6-8 weeks to ensure comfort and good health.

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