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Our equine retirement home

We have three equine herds living at Raystede. They include horses, ponies and donkeys. Raystede is a retirement home for these animals as they have had hard working lives or health problems and now deserve a rest. Others live here because they have behavioural problems which made them unsuitable for riding. Here our equines live in a more natural way, outside in herds and with constant access to shelter.

However these horses, ponies and donkeys find their way to Raystede, they are given the utmost care by our compassionate equine team. Each animal has its own individual eating, medical and exercise plan. Our equine team enjoy building the mutual trust and friendship with these animals that helps them live out the rest of their lives in a happy and dignified way.



Lilli is now nearly 5 months old. Having lost her mother at such a young age, she is becoming so strong and independent thanks to the herd around her.

She is growing very fast and because we don’t know who her father was it will be very exciting to see what she turns into!

She looks very much like her mum at the minute and we are loving watching her grow and become her own little person.

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