About chipmunks

Chipmunk Chipmunks live primarily in woodland and scrub areas of North America. They spend most of their time on the ground although they can climb very well.

Feeding your chipmunk

Chipmunks live mostly on seeds, nuts and fruit. It is best to have sturdy containers for food - stainless steel or pottery - so the chipmunks can sit on the side to eat without tipping over. Use drinking bottles for fresh water and top these up regularly.

Caring for your chipmunk

You will find that your chipmunk is a very active creature and needs plenty of space to exercise in. A nest box is essential for any adult, ideally situated off the ground with plenty of bedding material. Toys such as branches in the enclosure and pipes to simulate burrows will help keep the chipmunk active and stimulated.

Need more help and advice?

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