Spiny Mice

Spiny-mouseSpiny Mice inhabit deserts and dry areas from the Mediterranean to the Cape.

Housing your spiny mice

Spiny mice are best kept in a large glass aquarium with a well-fitting but well-ventilated lid, and plenty of cage furnishings to keep them occupied . These can include branches from fruit trees, rocks, plastic pipes, cardboard tubes, earthenware flowerpots to simulate burrows, and plastic or wooden houses.

Feeding your spiny mice

In captivity they feed on a standard rodent mixture of seeds, nuts and cereals. Fresh water should be available at all times, either in a shallow open dish or in a bottle.

Caring for your spiny mice

Spiny mice are fast and can jump erratically if panicked. You need to be extra careful when trying to move them or when cleaning their cage.

Need more help and advice?

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