Charity shop - donated goods

The Raystede charity shop will not be able to accept charitable donations ie.. clothes, cd's & books etc.. from Thursday 1st December to Monday 5th December. This is due to the lead up and hosting of our Christmas Fair on 3rd and 4th December where we need to have lots of space avaible to us.

Thank you!

Tuesday 29 November

Hedgehog Talk

Want to help hedgehogs?Local community group, HK Hedgehogs, team up with Raystede to share their successes and tips for taking care of hedgehogs in your community during the different seasons of...

Santa Run

Wednesday 26 October

Raystede Stargazing Evening

Raystede Stargazing Evening is now FULLY BOOKED!


Wednesday 19 October

Geese Being Shot At...

Some of you may remember the sad incident that occurred last November where a goose returning to roost in our sanctuary was shot while coming in to land. Although injured, the goose made it over...

Tuesday 18 October

2 Tickets Left for the Raystede Stargazing Evening!

We have 2 tickets left for our first ever Raystede Stargazing Evening...

Donkeys 34 Of 234

Tuesday 18 October

Christmas Fair

Come and join us for Raystede's annual christmas fair!Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th DecemberVisit Santa in his GrottoMeet our Donkey herdVisit our stalls run by Raystede's very own staff and...

Thursday 6 October

Raystede Stargazing Evening!

We have 2 tickets left for our first ever Raystede Stargazing Evening...


Tuesday 4 October

Half Term Family Activities

Join our FREE Half-term family activities Mon 24th Oct – Fri 28th Oct 12pm “Snap cat” – An interactive tour of our cattery * (minimum age of 5yrs) An opportunity to go...

Donkey Sale

Tuesday 27 September

Sale in our Charity Shop for one week only...

From Thursday 29th Septmeber all clothing in our onsite shop will be £1


Thursday 1 September

Sally - Can you help?

Lovely Sally needs a special owner! Sally is looking for the new home she deserves so much

Rabbits And Pigs-16

Friday 26 August

Small Animals Weeks!

Join our FREE summer holiday family activities Mon 29th Aug - Fri 2nd Sept 12:00pm Rabbit 'vs' Rodent - Which small animal is right for you? - Dog runs 1:30pm Behind the scenes tour of small...

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