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5 Baby Birds, Just Days, Old Survive 270 Mile Journey From Leeds to Sussex, on the Back of a Lorry!

Wednesday 7 May

Untitled 13 Of 66In what must be one of the longest journeys for a family of Great Tits, that haven’t even learned to fly, a nest of chicks, just days old have survived a 270 mile journey from Leeds, to Ringmer in East Sussex, on the back of a lorry.

Their mother had built the nest in what she would have thought was a safe and secure place amidst a stack of bricks. The nest, not being spotted, was loaded up for delivery to Chandlers Building Supplies in Ringmer.

In a quirk of fate, Chandlers is right next door to Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare. Quick thinking staff, upon hearing the desperate tweeting of the baby birds, retrieved the nest intact and brought it straight to Raystede, where the wildlife hospital team went into action.

Cassie Tong, wildlife team member said, ‘The five little birds were very cold and hungry. It’s amazing that they survived, what were the chances of them being found and just next door to an animal welfare charity, like Raystede!’

She went on to say, ‘The first 48hrs were critical, but all five have made it and they’re all eating well. They will now be looked after by us until they are ready to fledge, and will be released here in Raystede’s 45 acres. As Great Tits tend not to migrate, at just a few days old, they’ve already made the longest journey of their lifetime!’

Nigel Mason, Raystede’s Chief Executive said, ‘Last year our alone our wildlife hospital took in 200 birds and small mammals, but I think I can safely say that these little birds have come to us from furthest away.’

He added, ‘We are entirely reliant on donations to help the animals in our care. To make a donation, please click here or call 01825 840 747’.

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