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7 gerbils found dumped

Thursday 6 February

GerbilJust before Raystede closed on Friday 31st January a ‘good samaritan’ member of the public brought in seven rather bedraggled little gerbils, which had been found dumped in a park in Burwash, on a day that saw gusty winds and heavy rain. Had they not been found, they would not have survived for long being exposed to those conditions.

Raystede’s chief executive, Nigel Mason said: ‘Thank goodness that these gerbils were found when they were. Dumping them without any care for what happened to them was a callous act and i would ask anyone who has any information about who did this to come forward.’

He went on to say, ‘They are now being looked after at Raystede, because we have no idea of their history, we will have to keep them with us for longer than normal, to ensure that none of the females are rehomed whilst pregnant. It’s just one example of the extra cost that such irresponsibility incurs.’

There are four females and three males.

They are now looking for new, loving, forever homes. Our small animal’s team can offer help and advice on caring for these charming, inquisitive creatures.

If you have any information about the dumping, or to make a donation, or enquire about rehoming, please phone 08448 751252 or email info@raystede.org

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