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BIG Hen Rescue

Thursday 29 May

Raystede’s Big Hen Rescue – Urgent. Please donate and share!

Raystede’s planned rescue on 27th June has had to be brought forward as the hens were going to be sent off to slaughter soon than expected. This now means that we are going to carry out the rescue tomorrow!

We have always had great support from the public, who have donated towards making this rescue possible. These birds are just 72 weeks old!

 Please help us ensure that we can rescue as many of these birds as possible by texting HENS11 £2 to 70070 or donating at www.raystede.org/donate 

 They will arrive together tomorrow in crates on the back of a lorry at around 11.30am, they will be released into our sanctuary, where they will experience the joy of a truly free range environment for the first time in their lives.

 Living in the sanctuary, they quickly return to laying an egg a day, which we use in our cafe and sell any surplus to visitors to Raystede. In time, we will be also looking to rehome the birds.

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