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Blind puppy looking for a new home

Tuesday 16 August

Pip, a four-month-old Collie, arrived at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Ringmer, East Sussex, on Friday 12th August. The young animal was born with only a partial eye, meaning she cannot see. However, Pip is not letting her lack of vision get in the way of spoiling her fun!


She is using her other senses to compensate for not being able to see where she is going, and relies heavily on her hearing. Head of Kennels, Val Suleski said, “We are using bells to help with her training. By attaching them to our legs, it helps her to know where we are and encourages her to walk to heel. By no means does she let her blindness spoil her fun. She’s just like any other Collie puppy and loves a game and plenty of cuddles.”

Pip, who is a very bright puppy, is looking for a home where she can be kept active and have plenty of stimulation to stop her from getting bored. Ideally, she will find a home where she can live with another dog, as in many cases the dog with sight will act as the other one’s eyes.

Val said, “We often take in dogs with an impairment of some description. Whether they’re blind like Pip, have neurological problems like Bambi, or missing a limb, it doesn’t matter to us. They are all individual and deserve to have loving homes for the rest of their lives and we will do all we can to find them the right family.”

Anyone interested in rehoming an animal from Raystede or in making a donation should call 01825 840252 or visit www.raystede.org You can also support the dogs at Raystede by texting PUPS11 £1 to 70070.

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