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Bonfire Night 2014

Wednesday 5 November


BC-SPCA-FireworksAs firework season is here, please remember that these sudden loud noises can be very frightening for your animal whether it is your cat, dog, small animal or even your horse out in the field.  Animals have very acute hearing and these noises can not only startle them, but actually hurt their ears.  

Be proactive and prepare your pet in advance.

Each year animals that are spooked run away from home, and owners seek medical advice for stress in their pets caused by fireworks.

Things you can to do to minimize stress in your pets include:

  • Keep your horse in its normal routine and with companions where possible. If you know your horse will react badly, consider moving it somewhere safe for the night or seeking your vets’ advice.
  • Have someone experienced stay with your horse if fireworks are being set off nearby.
  • Always keep your cats and dogs inside during firework displays
  • Walk your dog earlier in the day before fireworks start
  • Prepare a ‘den’ for your pet to retreat too. Perhaps a throw a blanket over a chair or place some blankets under your bed.
  • Try not to cuddle your distressed pet as it may be seen as a sign that you are worried too, try to act normal. Let them display any behaviour that they want to help them cope.
  • Avoid leaving your pet alone
  • Give your small animal extra bedding to hide in
  • Bring hutches/cages inside to a quiet room, garden or shed
  • If you cannot bring your animal inside cover the front of the hutch with some old carpet, blankets, or duvets to make a dark den and block the sight of the fireworks. Ensure that there is sufficient ventilation!

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Remember to stay calm yourself! Animals are very good at picking up on our stress and if you can stay positive this can affect your animals’ behaviour.



Don't forget wild animals may be close by as well, if you built a bonfire in advance, check carefully for hedgehogs before lighting, as they could be being used as a hedgehog hotel!

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