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Candy & Tiny

Saturday 20 February



Candy and Tiny's Story...

Candy and Tiny are two young terriers who had a terrible start to life.

They were discovered by dog welfare officers in London living in filthy, squalid conditions, as you can see from the pictures.

Their 'home' was dirty, cold and dangerous in amongst all the cars and vehicles. They were used for breeding. The dog warden brought them to Raystede following their rescue so that they could be rehomed together. 

Despite their horredous treatment Candy and Tiny love human company and their tails never stopped wagging from the moment they arrived at Raystede!

It always amazes us how dogs' have such a capacity for love, despite suffering intolerable cruelty.


We are delighted to report that Candy and Tiny found a home together (see picture below) and are doing well in their new life!

We are so pleased for them.


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