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Tuesday 10 July

We are very sorry to have to tell you that sadly, we lost Daisy, our Shetland pony on Friday 6th July.

After battling through her illness with the dedicated support of both our equine staff and volunteers, we finally had to make the
decision to end Daisy's life to ensure that she did not suffer any more after the cancer had started to affect her vital organs.

We all feel very sad and particularly those who were closest to Daisy and her foal, Lillibet. Whilst we have not been able to have Daisy with us as long as we initially anticipated, nevertheless, the few extra weeks have proved invaluable to Lillibet in her development and we must be grateful for that.

Over the past couple of weeks we had noticed that Daisy was beginning to distance herself from Lillibet and allowed her to become close to our little herd of resident ponies. These three, Seamus, Saul and Purdie, have taken Lillibet under their wing and formed a secure family unit. They are never apart from each other, whether there are other ponies in the field or they are alone. It is almost as if Daisy knew Lillibet would be just fine in the years to come.

 We still need to bottle feed Lillibet every three hours and of course there are the other 28 resident horses, ponies and donkeys to care for. So, please be assured that if you have donated to our appeal, your gift will be put to good use in helping care for our equine herd and the hundreds of other animals here at Raystede.

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