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Ever wanted to know what your animal friend is wanting, thinking or feeling? Find out how - for FREE!

Monday 18 April


I am so delighted to introduce you to Sarah-Jane Le Blanc, Animal Communicator, Healer and author of “Pet Whisperer” who will be running a free online class in Animal Communication on Thursday 21st April between 8.p.m and 9.15 p.m...

Sarah-Jane’s work is truly revolutionary.  She communicates with animals all over the world, finding out the root causes of their behaviour and mood.  She is skilled at uncovering what additional support animals may need, or request, in times of pain, illness and even death.  Her communication work changes the lives of animals – giving them a voice so they can be heard and understood.

As you know, here at Raystede, we are always exploring additional ways to understand and support our animal friends and are supporters of Animal Communication so we are thrilled to be invited to Sarah-Jane’s free class as well as her forth coming workshop at Emerson College, East Sussex on 7th & 8th May.   

Imagine how much more we can support our animal friends when we know exactly what they are thinking, feeling and wanting!  If you want to learn more about how to communicate with animals, click here to register for Sarah-Jane’s free online class http://sarah-janepetwhisperer.com/free-online-class/?ap_id=RCAW785

Sarah-Jane’s class will feature:-

  • The Number One Rule for success in understanding and connecting more deeply with your animal companions - use this to guarantee your success in your animal communications
  • Top 3 strategies for kick-starting your intuitive animal communication abilities -learn easy techniques for enhancing your intuitive communication
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your communication efforts - recognise and overcome your barriers
  • Grounding Technique - use this for your own personal health and wellbeing- not just for preparing to communicate with animals!
  • Question and Answer Session - email Sarah-Jane your biggest challenges and get first hand, expert tuition on how to overcome them  during the class

If you'd like to take advantage of this very special, one off, and totally FREE Animal Communication class, register here http://sarah-janepetwhisperer.com/free-online-class/?ap_id=RCAW785Home

Pet Whisperer

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