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Geese Being Shot At...

Wednesday 19 October

Some of you may remember the sad incident that occurred last November where a goose returning to roost in our sanctuary was shot while coming in to land. Although injured, the goose made it over the fence but was mortally wounded, and died some time later despite the best efforts of our vet. A few days ago, on the evening of the 14th of October a number of individuals were once again shooting near the perimeter fence. While it is perfectly legal to shoot geese at this time of year, we do feel it is sad to deliberately target low flying birds which pose an extremely easy target because they return year on year to our wildlife sanctuary. We did request that the individuals consider the morality, if not the legality of shooting birds so close to a sanctuary. As a consequence of the shooting, our new mare Molly was extremely distressed by the incident, she was in the far paddock just meters from the gunshots. This paddock is usually quieter, more remote and should in theory have allowed her to settle into her new home in peace. However, horses are prey animals and are easily frightened by loud noises or sudden movements and Molly was terrified by the shots fired. This is not the gentle early transition we had hoped for Molly and stress of any kind is potentially very dangerous for a horse of her advanced age. She is now reluctant to venture anywhere near the boundary and we have had to open up a further field to allow her a space where she feels secure. More recently, during the night of Sunday 16th of October, one of our donation boxes was stolen, emptied and the burnt out remains found at the perimeter fence where the shooting had taken place. A new donation box will cost hundreds of pounds to replace and we have lost all of the generous donations left by our visitors. Did you see anything that night? Please can you share this post and help us find the individuals who have stolen vital funds from our animals through a senseless act of vandalism.



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