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Goodbye Mr P

Tuesday 19 August


Goodbye Mr Perkins

It’s with a heavy heart that we have to say goodbye to our longest standing equine resident Mr Perkins. Or ‘P’ to his friends. 

What can I say about Mr P? The whole day revolved around him, and when he was going to demand for another feed. He was well into his forties and had very few teeth left so he was certainly a demanding old man! However, he was so stoic but pushy, everything had to be done on his terms! With us waiting on him hand and foot, running to the feed room every time he called. He wasn't able to graze towards the end, so he relied on us to feed him. We knew it was the right time when even his favourite food couldn't tempt him to eat.

I will miss his dinosaur like bray, and his little face at my office window which obviously meant ‘I'm hungry!’ But now he is back with his favourite lady ‘Nolly’, whom he lost a few years ago. What a comforting thought that they can graze in that big grassy field in the sky together again.

Hannah Fielding – Head of Equine


Following this sad news about Mr Perkins, some people have asked how they can donate in his memory to help the donkeys of Raystede in the future.

We have set up a tribute page at www.justgiving.com/mrperkins please consider making a donation to help Mr Perkins leave a lasting legacy to care for his 10 donkey friends living here at Raystede.

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