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Hamsters dumped at rescue centre gate

Thursday 1 September

Syrian-hamsterStaff at Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Ringmer, East Sussex, are currently caring for two hamsters found dumped at the centre’s gates on Tuesday evening (30th August).

The two boys – one a Syrian Hamster, the other a Roborovski Hamster – were discovered by the security guard just before 6 o’clock. They were both in very small cages and both are suffering from urine stain, where their bedding was sodden with their own waste. A note was left with them, asking Raystede to look after the hamsters.

Chief Executive, Nigel Mason, said, “This is very cruel to just leave these tiny hamsters at our gates. Had our security guard not spotted them, they may not have survived. Roborovski-hamsterThankfully though, they were found and we can now start to look for new and loving homes for them. We would urge anyone who has an animal they can no longer care for to contact us and we can advise them as to their next step.”

Anyone interested in making a donation or in rehoming an animal from Raystede should call 01825 840252 or visit our website www.raystede.org

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