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Homes For Hens.

Friday 18 May

Last Years Rescued Hens Enjoying LifeRaystede Centre for Animal Welfare will be taking in 200 plus hens next week. Along with other animal rescue centres the total number of hens rescued will exceed 9,000!  The hens would have been sent to a premature death after reaching the end of their productive life on a farm.

The chickens will have spent their lives in shed where a maximum of six birds can be kept per square metre, with a maximum of 3000 per shed. They will have had access to the outside world and will not have been exposed to chemicals. They do receive a better life than that of a battery hen, but once their egg production slows down, they are sold on for food.

Sanctuary Manager, Wendy Holford said, “We have been taking in hens from this farm for a number of years now and have re homed thousands of hens to new ‘forever homes’. We are looking to do the same again this year and are appealing for new homes for these wonderful birds. They will give you a gift of an egg each day just to say thank you for caring!”

She continued, “We are delighted to have been able to work with other animal rescue centres to ensure no hens will be sent to slaughter. Well done to everyone for making this happen and let’s hope it won’t be the last time”.

If you are interested in re homing any hens or making a donation to contribute to their keep please contact Raystede on 01825 840252 or text HENS11 £2/£5/£10 to 70070 e.g. HENS11 £5

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