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I saw a mouse! Where? There on the ............. pavement!

Monday 20 February

On the afternoon of 16th February a member of the public brought a Dormouse into Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare that they had found lying unconscious on the pavement in the Etchingham area.

The little creature soon came round and was quickly transferred to a specialised licensed wildlife centre that has expertise in this area.

Animal Care Assistant, Cassie Tong, said ‘It appeared that the dormouse had been hibernating and was probably picked up and dropped by a wild animal or domestic cat.  The dormouse is the Hazel Dormouse, Britain’s only native dormouse species and is extremely rare.’

She added, ‘The Dormouse is strictly protected under the Wildlife & Countryside Act and you need to be licensed to care for them. Although Raystede cares for a number of wildlife species including hedgehogs and garden birds we are not licensed so it was important for us to find the appropriate care for it as soon as possible. We understand that the dormouse, although quite small for an adult, is doing well. If it is not released back into the wild, it will be used as part of a breeding programme which is so important to at least maintain and ultimately increase the numbers of this endearing animal’.

It costs over £11,000 a year to run Raystede’s wildlife and wild bird sanctuary. If you would like to make a donation towards this work, please call the Fundraising Department on 01825 840747 or visit our website www.raystede.org

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