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Introduction to animal communication, with Mia Sampietro. Saturday 12th May.

Thursday 5 April

Mia1Do you love animals? Then you will love this workshop!

Have you ever looked into an animal’s eyes and wondered what they are thinking, how they feel, are they happy?  Or maybe you have felt that you knew what an animal was trying to ‘say’ to you. 

Do you love animals so much you would like to be able to communicate with them?   

All of us can communicate with animals, it is not a gift endowed to a few.  By stilling ourselves, trusting our intuition and truly listening to them we can share information.Mia2

During the workshop you will learn to ‘talk’ to animal guest teachers and you will also have the chance to tune into photographs of each other’s animals to remotely ‘speak’ to them.  This can be an animal that is alive or an animal that has passed over.

This workshop will be full of learning, emotion, like minded people, much fun and laughter and of course, animals. 

DATE:             Saturday 12th May 2012

TIME:             10.00am – 5.00pm

COST:             £35Mia3

VENUE:          Raystede

                        The Broyle


                        East Sussex BN8 5AJ

BOOKING:     Please contact Mia directly

                        07976 247676 or

                        01273 479314




10% of the proceeds from the workshop will be donated to Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare.


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