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Joe's Christmas Gift Is The Ability To Walk.

Saturday 10 December

Dear Friend,

Joe, a Whippet, arrived at Raystede when he was 14-weeks-old. Both of his front feet were in a bad condition and so swollen, we thought he might be a Lurcher as they were so big. The poor little thing couldn’t even stand and needed support even to go to the toilet. After being seen by the vet, x-rays revealed the extent of Joe’s injuries. All of the little bones in his front feet had been broken - that’s eight in total.

Joe was given pain relief and fitted with plastic supports, to help his bones mend. With his feet in such bad condition, I decided to foster Joe myself until he was well enough to find a new home. However, I didn’t realise just how quickly the two of us would bond. Within hours, I had fallen for him – as did my partner – and it was soon apparent that Joe was to become a permanent addition to the family. After a few days of wearing his supports, Joe learned to walk, albeit in a rather peculiar fashion, which meant he was able to go to the toilet without me holding him up.

After a few weeks of wearing his supports, the vets took them away and he is now enjoying the freedom of being able to dash about like a normal puppy. His feet still aren’t completely better and he needs to build up muscle strength in his legs. Joe has settled into my life as if he has always been there and everyone in the family loves him. He is a very cheeky boy and loves nothing more than taking over the sofa for an afternoon nap. He’s also very keen on his food and will even steal the cat’s if he’s not careful! I’ve also found him foraging in the bin.

It has cost over £1500 to get Little Joe back on his feet and the difference in him is unbelievable. He has gone from a pitiful boy to a puppy that’s happy and full of fun. We couldn’t have done this for him if it wasn’t for kind people like you giving us your support.

Sadly, this Christmas we will have hundreds of animals at Raystede, all looking for new and loving homes. Will you help us with the next Joe that comes along by making a donation to the work of Raystede. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and for youJoe3r support.

On behalf of all the staff and animals at Raystede, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,
Jason Caulfield
Customer Care Manager & Little Joe’s Dad.

To read more and to help Joe and other dogs in our kennels, please click the Download below.


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