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Kittens found dumped by recycling skips

Wednesday 18 July

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare are currently looking after two kittens found dumped by the recycling centre at Tesco’s in Hailsham.

Luckily they were spotted by a member of the public who quickly brought them to Raystede.

The pair was discovered in a cat carrier. Both animals are thought to be around 8 -9 weeks old and are in good health, although clearly distressed by their ordeal.

When they arrived at Raystede, they were both covered in faeces, which indicate that they could have been in the carrier for some time.

Staff at Raystede have named them Bubble and Squeak.

Head of Cattery, Jane Moore, said, “They are such lovely kittens, I just cannot understand how anyone could leave them like this. They are both very friendly and have obviously been socialised well.  I would encourage anyone who can no longer look after their pet to contact Raystede for advice on how to go about re-homing the animal so they can continue to receive the care they need and deserve. I don’t think people realise it is against the law to abandon an animal in this country”.

Anyone interested in re-homing the kittens or in making a donation should call 01825 840252 or visit www.raystede.org

Bubble And Squeak July 2012

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