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Knitters wanted!!

Saturday 5 October

KnitnestOur Wildlife Team have lots of nestlings, fledglings and small mammals that come to us as orphans or injured. We take on the task of hand rearing them at work and at home, so we our appealing for knitters to come forward to knit nests for our wildlife!
We would require three sizes small, medium and large nests, if you can help then please follow this pattern: 
Cast on double strands 32(44, 56) stitches onto a straight needle.
Knit stitches evenly onto four DPN, S, and JOIN IN THE ROUND.
Work in a stockinette (knit every round) until the nest is about 2.5” tall.
Purl one row.
Row 1knit 6 (9, 12) KTOG, repeat to the end
Row 2 knit 5 (8, 11) KTOG repeat to the end
Row 3 knit (7, 10) KTOG repeat to the end
KTOG the last two stitches on every needle until you have 2 stitches remaining on each DPN (8 stitches total).
Bind of and weave in at the bottom of the nest. 

Thank you from Wendy & the Wildlife Team!
For any further info contact Wendy at 08448 751252 or at wildlife@raystede.org

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