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More animals than ever escaping domestic violence

Friday 16 September

Raystede’s PetLink service, which helps families and their animals escape domestic violence, is at bursting point. There are currently more cries for help than ever before from people needing the charity’s help to find refuge for their pets whilst they rebuild their lives after leaving an abusive situation.

The PetLink Co-ordinator said, “Whilst it is fairly common for us to see more people asking for help after the summer holidays, we have never had this many calls before. Unfortunately, we are unable to help anyone else, unless we can find more volunteer pet fosterers. Many people are reluctant to leave an abusive household, unless they know they can take their beloved pet with them. PetLink will find a foster home for any animal where they will be cared for, until they can be reunited with their owner in a safe situation.”

Sadly, animals left behind can fall victims to abuse themselves or be used as a bargaining tool to force the other person to return.

Volunteers are needed from across Sussex and Kent who can offer sanctuary to animals fleeing domestic violence. The cost of food, equipment and basic veterinary costs are paid for by PetLink. All pets are vaccinated, microchipped and in most cases, neutered. Ongoing advice and support is provided by our co-ordinator.

Anyone interested in becoming a pet fosterer should call 01825 880478 or email petfostering@raystede.org

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