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November 5th - Fireworks tips

Monday 5 November

As Bonfire Night rolls around once again, heres some tips for the fireworks period to keep your pets safe.

* Don't take pets to events with fireworks.

* If fireworks are being set off nearby, find a quiet, secure place to keep your pets. Darkening the room can help. Try to occupy and distract your pet during the event. You can close the curtains and turn up the radio, CD player or TV to drown out noise.

* Do not leave pets outside, even in a fenced garden, anytime when fireworks might be set off in the distance.

* Rather than cuddle a frightened dog, try to distract them from the disturbing noises with physical activity such as playing with a ball.

* Remember that scolding or coddling a scared dog will not help. Scolding will scare and confuse the animal, and coddling serves to reinforce fearful behaviors. Instead, assume your pack leader role and act confident and unbothered by the noise and activity outside.

* Vets can prescribe tranquilizers for frightened dogs.

* If you're going out of town for the holidays, entrust the care and feeding of pets to an adult friend or a boarding kennel you know very well.

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