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Operation Raystede

Wednesday 19 February

Flooded PathwaysWe have had an amazing response to our wet weather appeal and the donations are still coming in. But a lot of people have offered to volunteer their time and have asked if there are practical ways in which they can help too.

Our Estate Manager, Sharon Forbes has a plan to raise the sides of our main lake using two extra layers of concrete and ballast filled sandbags. This will allow it to hold 25% more water than at present and reduce the likelihood of it bursting its banks in future and flooding the rest of the site.

On Sunday 30th March we will be holding a volunteering day at the centre and there are lots of ways you can help. Volunteers need to be over 18 and you can register to come along here: http://portal.raystede.org/portal/public/event/eventBooking.aspx?id=EmerVolDay
Or for more information call 01825 840747

Some of the tasks to be completed on the day are:
• Help fill the sandbags
• Help lay the sandbags
• Supervise the cement mixer
• Help with teas and coffees
• General cleaning and tidying
• Donate bags of cement and ballast – Please drop these off at the centre whenever you’re able to ahead of the volunteering day

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