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Puppy Love

Friday 21 September


Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare is hand rearing 3 Malamute puppies with the help of a local cub pack. The puppies’ mother was too ill to care for her litter and after 4 days, Raystede stepped in to help.   With the 4 day old puppies needing to be bottle fed every 2 hours, Raystede needed all the help it could get.

Raystede runs a successful education programme which aims to help young people learn the skills needed to become responsible, happy pet owners of the future. The 1st Hartfield Cub pack were lucky enough to help out with this evening‘s feed as well as learn about training techniques for dogs and how to health-check their pet.

These puppies are Malamutes - a Husky like dog, originally bred to pull sleds in Alaska and will grow up to be very large, extremely energetic dogs. They will be rehomed to owners who are prepared for plenty of exercise and training. The work that the cubs helped Raystede with is just the beginning - there will be plenty more to come for the Malamutes’ new owners!

(Photo above: Tracker the Malamute puppy, having his evening feed from Josh Hyde of the 1st Hartfield cub pack.)



(Photo right: Summer - adult Malamute signed over to Raystede for rehoming.)


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