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Raystede in plea to cat owners to neuter their pets as charity sees summer kitten surge

Wednesday 7 August

Raystede in plea to cat owners to neuter their pets as charity sees summer kitten surge.

Nigel Mason, Raystede’s chief executive has put out a plea to cat owners to neuter their pets as Raystede has again seen a surge in kittens being brought in and dumped during the summer months.

In the last week they have had two instances of dumped kittens in particular distress being brought to Raystede to be looked after.



Susie 1 July 2013The first was a tiny 8 week old kitten found on a street in Heathfield covered in fleas, she also had a really nasty injury to one of her eyes. The kitten, which we have now called Susie, was taken to a local vets who performed an emergency procedure where the eye had to be removed, as it was beyond saving. It is impossible to say if the damage to Susie’s eye was caused by illness, accident or deliberate harm, but she is now getting the best care and lots of love and is being fostered  by Kim, part of the cattery team, until she is ready to find her new forever home. Susie is doing really well despite everything she’s been through.


Dumped Kittens:

IMG8375Later in the week a lady came in with four little kittens found in a field in Hailsham. One of the kittens was in the river and had to be rescued by the finder, likely that it fell in and was shivering and in a poor way when he arrived. All were riddled with fleas. They are not feral so they have almost certainly been dumped. It is possible that they are from two separate litters as two look to be only around 5 weeks old and the other two are a little bigger but probably more likely that they are under nourished.

All are now eating well, they were ravenous and the one that fell in the river has perking up since arrival. The field was surrounding Lundy Walk & Solent Crescent in Hailsham.

Nigel Mason, Raystede’s Chief Executive said: ‘Our cattery is always full and we have a long waiting list of people wanting to bring their cats to us for rehoming. Each summer we see a real surge in kittens being brought to Raystede or simply dumped. I would implore all cat owners to have their pets neutered, it is the only way we will ever make a difference to the number of unwanted and abandoned kittens and cats.’

These are just two examples of the many kittens Raystede is currently looking after. If you are considering rehoming a kitten or older cat please visit our Rehoming pages you can also make a Donation towards the cost of their care.

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