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Raystede Rescues Huskies, Red and Storm

Friday 28 February

Raystede Rescues Huskies, Red and Storm;
Exposing the Horrors of Puppy Farming

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare at Ringmer have played their part in a campaign to rescue a dozen deeply traumatised and neglected Huskies that had been used in the often brutal puppy farming trade.


A Husky rescue group in the north of England, Siberian Husky Aid, Rescue and Education, was contacted the week before Christmas about 12 adult huskies abandoned in a puppy farm following the death of the owner. Another ex-breeder had allegedly taken the huskies in and had kept them for three months in ramshackle makeshift kennels in her garden, visiting them only once a day to feed and was now advertising the dogs for free to get rid of them.

 Representatives went to assess the situation and were horrified. The dogs were apparently never well cared for and unused to human contact and had not been out during the period she had had them, if ever. At this time of year, Raystede, all rescues are struggling, numbers of abandoned dogs increase and the growing problem of husky types being bred and sold to unsuitable homes, then abandoned meant that this group knew there was little they could do alone.

They put out a plea to other husky rescue groups and were met with outstanding response in the form of help with funds (all these groups are charities and hard pressed). Many did not have foster space and these dogs were not deemed suitable for foster homes yet anyway, but kennel spaces were found that could accommodate the dogs and volunteers worked patiently over the course of a very long day to remove them from these terrible conditions and transport them to safety.

 Raystede was founded with the goal of giving animals a better life and were determined to help. They have now taken in Red and Storm, two of the 12 rescued huskies and will be working with them over the next few weeks to teach them that people can be loving and kind and to build their trust in them. They have been receiving vet care and slowly gaining trust but the rehabilitation work involved is huge.

StormVal Suleski, Head of Kennels at Raystede said, ‘These dogs really deserve a second chance. They have been used and exploited by people in the most appalling way. We want to make sure that, with time and effort; they can find the loving family and forever home they so very much deserve.’

She added, ‘There has been an increase in the number of puppy farm and back yard breeders (breeding for profit) trying to cash in on the popularity of Huskies and the snow dog types as people are drawn to their looks after seeing them in recent  films, many end up abandoned as people find they cannot manage them. We advise people to research particular breeds they may be interested in check they will fit into their lifestyle, experience and expectations for a dog and ensure they do not choose an unsuitable match. We are always happy to help and offer information and advice.

Nigel Mason, Raystede’s Chief Executive said, ‘I would ask people looking for a dog to join their family, to rescue rather than buy. There are so many dogs needing homes, that will reward their new owners with years of love and companionship.’

He went on to say, ‘Red and Storm are just two examples of the victims of the puppy farming trade, where these poor animals are treated as nothing more than breeding machines, rather than the intelligent, sensitive creatures they really are.’

If you would like to make a donation towards the rehabilitation of Red and Storm, please click here  or call 01825 840747. For information and advice on rehoming, please email info@raystede.org or call 08448 751252

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