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Raystede sees influx in stray dogs

Monday 3 October


Tomorrow (October 4th) is World Animal Day and Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Ringmer, East Sussex is using the event to encourage dog owners to take steps to prevent their pet from going missing.

Recently, five dogs arrived at Raystede via the dog wardens in just one week, after they were seen roaming the streets, supposedly as strays. Unfortunately, none of these animals had been microchipped and no one has come forward to claim them. Raystede is now working to find these dogs new and loving homes. Amongst them is Bernard, a 9-year-old Labrador, Cyril, an 18-month old Rottweiler and Yo-yo, an 8-month-old Staffie Cross.


Raystede is encouraging all dog owners to get their animal microchipped and to use a visible tagging system such as Pet24, which offers a round the clock service to reunite dogs with their owners. Taking simple steps like these allows pets and their owners to be reunited quickly and help to relieve some of the stress that naturally occurs when an animal goes missing.

Chief Executive, Nigel Mason said, “Unfortunately, we have seen a large number of stray dogs brought to Raystede this year. We would hope that this isn’t through conscious acts of abandonment, as this would be both cruel to the dog and illegal! There is also an unfair impact on those patiently waiting to get their pet into rescue centres such as Raystede in a considerate and responsible way. We would encourage


anyone who needs help in rehoming their animal to contact Raystede as a matter of urgency and we can advise you as to your next steps.”

Anyone interested in rehoming an animal or in making a donation should call 01825 840252.

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