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Raystede welcomes Owls About Town

Friday 16 May

For May’s special Friends of Raystede event, hosted by our president, Morgan Williams, we were delighted to welcome Andy, Zsi and their wonderful parliament of owls to Raystede. Many of the’ Owls About Town’ were rescued from terrible situations, one kept in a cupboard under the stairs and a huge European eagle owl, being kept in a cramped parrot cage in a flat in London.

 Now being loved and well cared for by Andy and Zsi, they visit schools, charities and centres all over East Sussex and beyond to demonstrate the huge variety of appearances and behaviours in owls and promote environmental awareness and encourage people to do more to ensure that owls continue to have a viable future in the wild.

 We have a full programme of Friends of Raystede events running throughout the year and more information can be found at www.raystede.org/events

 Our next event is with the East Sussex Reptile and Amphibian Society on Thursday 5th June at 2.30pm. Friends of Raystede are entitled to two complimentary tickets. Otherwise the event is £5 per person.

 You can become a Friend of Raystede online at www.raystede.org/friend

 Spaces are limited so please book online or call 01825 849747

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