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Raystede’s Big Hen Rescue!

Wednesday 27 February


Every year Raystede takes in many ex battery and barn hens and this year we want to do even more. Without our help these birds are sent off to slaughter at just 72 weeks old.

The pictures are of Sinead, perhaps our most famous rescued hen. Although an extreme example of the condition these birds can come to us in, we want to ensure that as many as possible get the chance recover and to scratch around in the open air and find a new family to live a happy life.

We are asking people to donate £2 which will help us rescue an extra hen. We really hope we can save at least 150 of them this time.

If you would like to help with Raystede’s Big Hen Rescue, please donate by:

Texting: hens11 £2 to 70070Sinead

Online: http://www.raystede.org/how-to-help/donate/

Or by post to: Raystede, The Broyle, Ringmer BN8 5AJ

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