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Re-homed Raystede Dog to the Rescue!

Wednesday 16 January

Mr and Mrs Yeoman of Heathfield have spoken of their gratitude to their Raystede rescue dog, Sandy, for his actions in preventing what could have been a medical emergency, which could have seen Mr Yeoman slip into a diabetic coma.

Mr Yeoman’s wife, Adele, a retired nurse, explained: ‘We re-homed Sandy from Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare about four years ago. He’d had a tough start in life, having been found on the streets of London with severe injuries, most likely caused by an attack by a bigger dog. No shelter there had the space to take him in and Raystede had stepped in to help.’

She went on: Sandy has been such a joy from the start, a friendly, loving little dogSandy1. David, my husband has now been living with insulin dependent diabetes for a number of years and is effectively managed with medication. However, he’s had a run of bad health recently and Sandy has noticeably become closer to him during that time.’

David added: ‘Sandy has always slept at the end of the bed and regular as clockwork wakes me up at 7am for his breakfast. The night I had my troubles, Sandy must have known that something wasn’t right. It was around 3am when he managed to wake me up. I felt extremely unwell and woke my wife immediately. She established I was becoming hypoglycaemic and my blood sugars were below the safe range.

He went on: ‘Who knows what would have happened if Sandy hadn’t woken me. It’s possible I could have slipped into a diabetic coma. I just don’t want to think about it. There have been plenty of extra treats for Sandy since this happened.’

Nigel Mason, Raystede’s Chief Executive said: ‘It is always good news when a dog is given a second chance and finds their forever home. Raystede re-homes around 300 dogs a year and they really enhance the lives of the people and families they go to. Sandy has shown how strong the bonds that form can be.’

He added: ‘there are many examples of pets intervening to help their owners and dogs are often trained to help those with sight and hearing problems amongst other things. Little Sandy has really proven the old adage that a dog is man’s best friend!’

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