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Remy & Sparky seek loan home

Tuesday 24 September

RemysparkyThese two delightful retired welsh ponies are seeking a new permanent loan home as companions. Both are aged 22 years old.

 Both ponies were rescued by a lady many years ago. Remy had been ill treated by a dealer and Sparky was his companion and had been fed on a poor diet of cream cakes and meat pies hence she rescued them and looked after them for many years. The owners’ circumstances made it difficult for her to be able to care for these two boys and so in 2005, Sparky and Remy came to Raystede Equine.

 Raystede found a lovely loan home for them back in 2011 had been and have been out on loan for the last 2 years. Due to a change in circumstances, the current loaner reluctantly has to part with these lovely ponies.

Both boys are used to living out in a herd and they must be homed together as they have grown up together and have a strong bond. They are both good to be stabled too, if necessary, though must have access to suitable turn out daily.

 They are both good to be handled for the vet, farrier and dentist though they require sedation for the dentist.  Although they both have their little quirks, they both love people in general.

 The perfect loan home should have good experience in the management and requirements of native ponies and be prepared to look after their needs as both have Cushings.

 If you are interested in offering these two wonderful ponies a permanent loan home, then please contact the Equine department at Raystede on 01825 880469 or email cbray@raystede.org

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