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RIP Master Boffin and Little Danny

Friday 25 January


Master Boffin:

'Boff was our largest equine and truly a real gentleman. He was loved by all us staff for his kindness and unforgettable head shove! As Team Leader of Equine he was older than me and I really felt like he was always looking out for me, as he would to for the entire herd. He was devoted to his wife Connie who misses him greatly, but we would laugh as he told off the cheeky ponies that got in his way. He lived to a old grand age of 31 which is a real achievement for a horse of his size. We will miss him bossing us around very much.



Little Danny :Danny

What can we say about Little Danny. He has been at Raystede for as long as we current staff can remember. Always such a quiet animal keeping himself out of trouble, however he had such a cheeky side too. He would push into the yard in the winter and make sure he was fed first! His normal routine would be to come out onto the yard and have breakfast whilst I was unlocking everything. He was such a happy boy just strolling about the fields in the summer, hanging around with Blue and Cloud. He will always hold a special place in my heart because of his kind soul and the way he would look at me and sigh when the others where messing around. A friend I will surely miss.' 

Hannah Fielding – Head of Equine

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