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Rosemary and Pups - update

Tuesday 28 October

Rosemary and Pups – Update

010Rosemary and all her 11 pups are doing well. Thank you to everyone who has donated so far towards their care. The pups are now 1 ½ weeks old and their eyes have started to open, they are absolutely beautiful! Rosemary is learning to trust the kennels staff and they are helping to supplement her feeds with some bottle feeding. She is still very nervous around people she doesn't know and there will be a long road of rehabilitation ahead for her. 

If you have not yet made a donation but would like to help please visithttp://portal.raystede.org/portal/public/donate/donate.aspx?sc=PupsPROct14

Below is a list of their care costs. If you can help with just one of the items, it will be a huge help!

Each puppy will cost:
Flea and worm treatment £5
Puppy vaccinations £21
Puppy food/milk £110 (for all 11 puppies) £10/puppy
Neuter/spay £200
Health checks/microchip £30
Total for each pup: £266
Plus additional staff time and resources/heating/washing bedding. Possibly having night shifts for clean up!

Mum, Rosemary will cost:
Flea and worm treatment £15
Nursing food £246 (Being fed every hour)
Spay £240
Health checks/microchip £30
Total for mum for two months: £531

This does not include staffing costs.

Thank you from all the Raystede Team!

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