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Shooting of sanctuary goose

Tuesday 20 January

Goose 1 Of 1Raystede's Chief Executive, Nigel Mason has branded as cowards those responsible for a goose shot dead at Raystede this morning.

 He said, 'We have offered safety and sanctuary to birds and animals of all kinds for over 60 years and I'm angry that these cowards have hidden behind the hedge line that borders Raystede, to kill birds that are in what should be a place of safety!'

 He went on to say, 'The birds body was still warm when I found it and she had managed to fly on after being shot for over 20 meters before falling and dying, ending up not far from our children's picnic and play area. I'm just glad there were no children here to see it.'

 He added, 'We don't know who owns the bordering land or even if the shooters had the permission of the land owner. Whilst their actions are not illegal, knowing we have large numbers of ducks and geese here in sanctuary, I believe their actions are completely immoral.'

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