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Sinead needs a 'forever' home!

Monday 23 July

You may recall the story of Sinead our ex-battery hen. When Sinead came to Raystede in December 2010 she was practically featherless leaving her vulnerable to the cold. We knew we had to act fast to help her and the rest of her featherless friends. So, we put out an appeal to our ‘crafty supporters’ as the cold conditions took hold and the response was rapid. Soon we were inundated with knitted jackets or ‘chickinis’ as we called them!

Sinead became famous overnight with local and national media interest, helping make many hundreds of thousands of people aware of the plight of battery hens.

Now 18 months on, we are sorry to say that Sinead has been a little poorly and is finding it difficult to cope with life in our busy Sanctuary anymore. Therefore, we are looking for a new home for her to live out her days.

She has done such a wonderful job of being the champion for all the chickens that have come to us. Now it’s time for her to have a home of her own. She is fully feathered now but has stopped laying. She is about 3 years old.

Sinead would be fine to be homed with another couple of hens but not too many as she needs to be spoilt!  We really want to see her
leave Raystede with people who love and understand hens.

If you feel you can offer her the forever  home she so rightly deserves then please contact Wendy Holford, Sanctuary Manager on
01825 840252.

Sinead Now

Sinead On Arrival At Raystede In Her Chickini

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