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Something Fishy’s Going On!

Thursday 17 May

Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare is used to taking in all sorts of animals in many different circumstances, but this morning was a first.

A stray goldfish!

We took a call from a lady that had come down stairs to find a goldfish flopping about on her kitchen floor.

Almost certainly caught by her cat, she acted quickly and put it into a washing up bowl of water. Having no idea where the fish had come from she hit the phones to ask for help. After a number of unsuccessful calls, she made contact with Raystede and we were able to help.

One of our team collected the fish and brought it back to the centre. Fortunately, our IT officer is also an aquatics specialist.

Examining the fish he was amazed to find that the injuries it had sustained appear to be minimal. Some minor cuts and a few missing scales seem to be the worst of it.

We have given it food and medication to give it the best chance of a full recovery.

We are now appealing to people in the local area to come forward if they are missing a goldfish from their garden pond.

If you think the goldfish may be yours, please contact Wendy Holford on 01825 840252

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