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Support Jennifer on her Chicken Run

Friday 23 December

Jennifer, who works in the cafe at Raystede, is running the Brighton half marathon to raise money in order for us to carry on with our work saving ex-battery hens!

The race is on Sunday 19th February 2012 and we need your support.

  • Did you know that battery chickens are all destroyed at 72 weeks?
  • Did you know that they are kept in a cage no bigger than an A4 sheet of paper like this?
  • Did you know that chickens are debeaked with a hot blade to stop them pecking ateach other out of boredom?
  • Did you know most battery hens have brittle bones due to standing on the bars of the cages for all their lives, some even die in the cages and are not found for days!
  • Did you know that battery hens never see daylight? 
  • Did you know a chicken’s natural habitat is woodland?

Raystede have rehomed hundreds of hens over the past two years. Staggeringly, we have rescued almost 1,000 hens in the same space of time!!

The chickens we rescue live a free range lifestyle, which is their right!

All the money raised will go towards rescuing more battery hens to give these lovely birds a chance to live and experience a natural life either with a new family or here at Raystede. 

Every Penny Counts - thank you! If you feel you could help and would like to sponsor Jennifer please go to her Just Giving page here: http://www.justgiving.com/Jennifer-Cook

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