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A Cat is for life

Tuesday 2 August

Rufus-catWith the Cattery full to bursting Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Ringmer, East Sussex is calling on more people looking to become a cat owner, to choose their pet from a rescue centre. The charity currently has over 60 cats waiting for a space to open up to be taken to Raystede, meaning the cattery could be filled twice over and there would still be more animals needing help.

In the past week, Raystede has seen two stray cats brought to them. The first was Rufus, an elderly boy, thought to be at least 16-years-old. He was found curled up in the gutter in the pouring rain, where he would have died had he not been brought to Raystede. He came in with a very bad flea infestation, which has caused anaemia and has left him very weak and wobbly on his feet. Animal Care Assistant, Angela Turner said, “He is very friendly, so he must have been someone’s pet. It’s possible he’s been abandoned or got lost. He loves cuddles and is very talkative in his own way! But sadly, because of his age, he will be difficult to rehome.”

Petra-cat The second was discovered in a cat basket at the gates of Raystede, early on Saturday morning. Petra had only a note with her saying ‘pregnant stray’. Again, she is very friendly, which would indicate she has previously been someone’s pet. It’s thought she is around 6 weeks pregnant and could have between 2-6 kittens. Angela said, “We are hoping to foster Petra until she’s had her babies and they are ready to find homes too. Otherwise, she would be in the Cattery for at least two months, which we would rather not do – and with demand for help so high, we need to free up the space so we can take in another cat and find them a new home.”

Neither of these cats were microchipped and had no collar to identify them. Raystede is encouraging all cat owners to be responsible and get their animal chipped as this can really speed up reuniting pets with their owners. The charity is also calling for cats to be neutered, as this will help to reduce the number of unwanted litters being taken to rescue centres.

Chief Executive Nigel Mason said, “The summer is always a busy time for Raystede with the arrival of kittens, but this year, it is the older cats that are coming to us to as well. Every day we are receiving more and more calls for help. We will do everything we can to help as many cats and their owners as we can, but we must ask that people are patient.”

With Rufus having health issues and Petra’s kittens just weeks away, both cats will need a lot of expensive care. Raystede relies solely on public support and is asking for help in looking after them and the other cats in their care. You can help by texting KITS11 £1 to 70070 or calling 01825 840252 to make a donation.

Mr Mason said, “We would encourage anyone of thinking about getting a cat, to consider rehoming one from a centre like Raystede. There are thousands of loving animals out there looking for new homes, that would make a welcome addition to any family.”

Anyone interested in rehoming a cat from Raystede should call 01825 840252 or visit www.raystede.org

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